Digital expert shares the latest movie releases for the home theatre

As summer begins to wind down and the cooler evenings set in, it’s nice to know what movies we can enjoy in the comfort of our own homes.

DEN (Digital Entertainment News) brought us an interview with Digital Expert Ben Lyons, who highlighted the latest 4K/Blu-ray and Digital HD releases and the best ways to watch them.

Ben Lyons is the lead host of IMDb’s Golden Globes and Academy Awards coverage. Over the years Ben has worked as the film correspondent for E!, EXTRA,, and Yahoo!, covering every major awards show and film release. He can be heard on ESPN radio in Los Angeles and is the chief correspondent and “voice of the fans” at Derek Jeter’s

Ben is also the Executive producer of the upcoming film Spaceman starring Josh Duhamel that hits theaters on August 19th. Born and raised in New York City, Ben is the grandson of legendary New York Post columnist Leonard Lyons, and is the son of film and theater critic Jeffrey Lyons. The Lyons family has been covering pop culture in American media for more than 80 years.

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