Summer nets 34 arrested for narcotics, vice charges in Central Falls

CENTRAL FALLS, R.I. (WPRI) — Over a four-and-a-half month operation this summer, Central Falls police arrested thirty-four people (including two juveniles) on narcotics and vice-related offenses, seized drugs and three firearms.

The campaign, dubbed “Operation Blue Wave,” was conducted from May 1 to September 15, 2016, in concert with the Rhode Island State Police High Intensity Drug Trafficking Unit (HIDTA) and the Pawtucket Police Special Squad.

13 court-authorized search warrants were executed within the city, and between those and other investigations, the following were seized:

Nearly 8 oz. cocaine
2 oz. heroin
4 oz. marijuana
15 oxycodone pills
$22,523 in cash
Three firearms

Police released the list of those charged, listed with their primary charges below.

Manufacture, possession or delivery of drugs in a school zone:

Digna Manon, 19, Central Falls
Jose Santiago, 55, Central Falls
Katherine Esquilin, 38, Central Falls (2 counts)
Luz Morales, 41, Central Falls
Sheldon Espinosa, 38, Central Falls
Victor Lugo, 21, Central Falls (2) counts
Jayhaas Gomes, 23, Central Falls
Jose Dejesus, 32, Central Falls
McGeary Littlejohn, 30, Central Falls (2 counts)
Darrell Almeida, 18, Central Falls
Mecca Abdul-Hasib, 20, Central Falls (2 counts)

Possession of drugs:

Yanelly Feliciano, 20, Central Falls
Katherine Esquilin, 38, Central Falls
Armando Gomes, 28, Pawtucket
Ruben Fargas, 44, Central Falls
Armando Gomes, 28, Pawtucket
Michael Morales, 34, Central Falls

Possession of marijuana:

Robert Robertson, 23, Pawtucket
Moises Dedios, 20, Pawtucket

Robbery in the first degree:

Ricardo Matos, 37, Central Falls (3 counts)

Disorderly conduct:

Jamal Cooper, 29, Central Falls


Daniel Graca, 56, Pawtucket
Edgardo Soto, 40, Central Falls
Joseph Parente, 61, Cranston
Kevin Roldan, 20, Pawtucket
Leonardo Estrada, 30, Central Falls

Procurement of sexual conduct:

Mario Pleitez, 47, Central Falls

Firearms charges (license required for a pistol):

Gregory Fortunato, 22, Pawtucket

Driving without a license:

Santiago Beron, 21, Central Falls
Ryan Cooley, 27, Central Falls

Wallace Esquilin, 32, of Central Falls, and Holly Martins, 33, of Providence, were arrested on prior warrants. The two juveniles who were arrested were not named and their charges were not identified.

“‘Operation Blue Wave’ was conducted in the pursuit of a common goal — seeking to deter, disrupt, dismantle, and ultimately eliminate drug traffickers who have plagued the city,” said Central Falls Police Det. Lt. John Carroll in a news release Friday.

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