Two city vehicles have 119 outstanding parking tickets dating back to 2003

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Providence officials will appear in municipal court Wednesday to attempt to resolve more than 100 outstanding parking tickets on two of the mayor’s advance vehicles that date back to 2003.

The vast majority of the 119 tickets were received under the administration of former Mayor David Cicilline and at least seven can be traced to former Mayor Angel Taveras’s staff, but a spokesperson for current Mayor Jorge Elorza confirmed an existing city employee will be required to pay back nine of 11 tickets he received while using one of the cars.

“The administration takes full responsibility for the tickets acquired during Mayor Elorza’s time in office,” Emily Crowell, the mayor’s acting communications director, said in a statement. “Any tickets not acquired while conducting authorized, official business and in accordance with local parking laws will be paid for personally by the employee who was assigned the vehicle, to ensure that no city funds will be used.”

Crowell said the employee, Angel Subervi, was also disciplined internally because he received seven tickets for overnight on-street parking near his home even though he wasn’t authorized to take a city vehicle home. Suberi no longer works on the mayor’s advance staff, but is still employed by the city.

Of the 119 tickets, Crowell said 25 were for a white Ford Expedition and 94 were for a black Ford Explorer. All of the tickets were issued to members of various mayors’ advance staff.

The city reviewed the parking tickets on the two cars after the website GoLocalProv reported one of them received a parking boot last week.

If the city is required to pay back all of the tickets and the penalties associated with its failure to pay on time, it would owe itself $15,115, records show. It is unclear how the court will handle tickets tied to the previous administrations.

Crowell also said the administration intends to audit all city vehicles to determine if there are more outstanding parking tickets.

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