Farm produces healthy pumpkin crop despite lack of rain

Pumpkin crops

SWANSEA, Mass. (WPRI) — From cranberries to apples, farms across the Northeast have been feeling the impact of this summer’s drought, but one local farm says their pumpkin crop is in good shape despite the lack of rain.

Chris Clegg of Four Town Farms said they had to work a little harder this summer to make sure there’s a good selection of pumpkins for autumn. According to him, the whole crop has been growing almost entirely on irrigation water.

“We had a couple of small fields that we’re not able to irrigate and it’s a gamble when we put it in the spring,” he explained. “They did not make it. We won’t even attempt to go out there to harvest.”

Clegg said it’s a nice crop overall, mostly because they were able to control the water.

“Usually wet conditions favor disease,” he said. “Those years when we get excessive amounts of natural rainfall are much worse than a dry year for us.”

It’s very seldom for Mother Nature to ever give the optimal amount of rain, according to Clegg, but still, irrigation comes with a price.

“Between diesel fuel and electric costs, it’s a pretty significant cost,” Clegg added.

Clegg said the winter squash, especially the butternut squash, also did very well this year at Four Town Farm.

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