It’s movie night at the Rosecliff Ballroom


Newport Film presents “The Missing Ingredient” this Thursday night at the Rosecliff Ballroom. “The Missing Ingredient” follows Manhattan restaurateur Charles Devigne as he makes the bold decision to boost his struggling restaurant’s business by putting up the iconic zebra wallpaper made world-famous by the recently closed New York dining institution Gino’s.

His choice sparks controversy when Gino’s previous owners, staff and loyal regulars, still hurting over Gino’s closing, catch wind of his intentions.

Newport Film Marketing Manager Meredith Nordhem Ewenson joined the Rhode Show Wednesday and gave us all the details.

Film screening, will be followed by conversation with director Michael Sparaga & Charles Devigne, owner of Pescatore & featured in the film.

Tickets for the night are $35 and can be purchased at Newport Film.

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