People arrested in Providence brawl face judge


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Seven young people and a juvenile are now under arrest after a brawl in Providence Tuesday night that police say broke out as they were trying to arrest a man with an outstanding warrant. The suspects were arraigned Wednesday.

The incident started on Payton Street about 7:30 p.m., when officers saw a group of people loitering in the street in front of a home, including 18-year-old Andrew Brown, who was wanted by Cranston Police, according to police reports.

The chaotic situation was outlined in nine pages of narratives from officers.

providence-broad-street-brawlBrown took off running. Moments later, he was observed driving a car at a high speed down Payton Street, where police allege he crashed the car into a house and ran away once again.

Officers eventually found him behind a garage on Broad Street, lying next to a rock. A holster with a loaded 45-caliber firearm was discovered behind the rock. Brown complied with police orders to put his hands up and to go over and have his wrists handcuffed, but “Fearing that Brown may still have a weapon on his person…” an officer hit Brown’s face to stun him. Once they got him inside the cruiser, Brown started yelling to an officer to let him out because his sister was being harassed. He then started kicking windows to try and get out — breaking one in the process, and necessitating him being moved to a different cruiser to be taken to the police station.

Brown is charged with carrying a pistol without a license, driving on a suspended license, malicious mischief, and resisting arrest and also has warrants from Cranston and Providence. After his arraignment Wednesday, he was held on $10,000 bail with surety.

Supporters in the courtroom at the time shouted briefly to voice disapproval and call for his release.

How chaos grew

As they took Brown into custody Tuesday night, a group of people ran toward the pair of officers yelling obscenities. One of the officers held them at bay.

providence-broad-street-brawl-3As the officer started to drive away with Brown inside a cruiser, police estimated a group of fifty to one hundred people surrounded them, yelling obscenities and “attempting to interfere with Police business,” the officers said in the reports.

A juvenile female was taken into custody and later turned over to the city’s youth services, after police said she opened the door of the cruiser Brown was in, trying to let him out.

Six more people, all young women, were also arrested.

Melika Manning, 20, is charged with disorderly conduct, obstruction and resisting arrest — for yelling at officers, egging on her fellow citizens to charge at police, and refusing to comply with instructions.

Malkyraah Cornwell, 19, is charged with obstructing and resisting arrest, as was Jaicia George, 18. They interfered with arrests, pushing officers and pulling civilians away, police said.

providence-broad-street-brawl-2Shaleeya Liberty, 19, is charged with obstruction, resisting arrest and assault for hitting a patrolman in the face and neck. The patrolman sported a visible scratch after the fight, the report said.

Shadasia Ashley, 18, had been inside the car Brown was seen driving. She tried to drive it away, but officers ordered her to stop and get out. She refused, police said, and stated she was leaving with the car because it belonged to her cousin. She was arrested and charged with obstructing a police officer.

Another woman, Kai Cable, 25, was arrested after she was “standing in close proximity to Police video taping the incident.” She also refused to get out of the street, and was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct.

Besides the patrolman who was scratched, one officer hurt his ankle in the melee, and he was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

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