Providence given 3 weeks to square away parking tickets on city vehicles


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Providence officials went to municipal court on Wednesday with hopes of resolving some of the dozens of outstanding parking tickets accrued by two city vehicles.

Of the 119 unpaid tickets dating back to 2003, just 11 were resolved before Judge John Lombardi, all of which were issued during Mayor Jorge Elorza’s tenure.

A spokesperson for Elorza’s office said two of those tickets were dismissed while an existing city employee will be required to pay back the other nine.

Twenty-five of the 119 tickets were for a white Ford Expedition while 94 were for a black Ford Explorer, both of which were seen parked outside City Hall on Wednesday. All of the tickets were issued to members of various mayors’ advance staff.

Of the remaining 108 tickets, 9 were issued while Mayor Angel Taveras was in office and the other 99 happened under Congressman and former Mayor David Cicilline.

As it stands, including penalties, the city currently owes more than $14,000 to itself.

The city reviewed the parking tickets on the two vehicles after the website GoLocalProv reported last week that one of them received a parking boot. Officials are now auditing all city vehicles to find out if there are any more outstanding tickets.

Judge Lombardi said the driver would have to pay, not the city, and gave the city three weeks to figure it out.

“I feel the driver and the person who had control of the vehicle is responsible,” he said.

A spokesman for Cicilline released a statement on Wednesday.

“City employees who operate city vehicles should, of course, comply with all parking rules. To the extent that parking infractions occurred, the traffic court will determine how those should be addressed.”

Since there was no resolution Wednesday for the remaining 108 tickets, it’s possible the city vehicles could be booted again if parking enforcement runs their plates.

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