No bail for man accused of twice targeting woman in wheelchair

Cranston assault suspect Emile Perrault

CRANSTON, R.I. (WPRI) — A Cranston man arrested twice in two days on charges he targeted same wheelchair-bound woman twice won’t be getting out of jail anytime soon.

A judge Thursday morning denied bond for Emile Perrault. The 55-year-old’s arraignment was the second time in 24 hours he appeared in a Kent County courtroom.

The newest charge – he’s accused of intimidating his alleged victim.

According to police, officers first arrested Perrault Tuesday after they say he slapped a woman in a wheelchair across her face. The force of the slap knocked the sunglasses off the woman’s face.

When officers arrived on scene, police said Perrault told them he was a martial artist and threatened to roundhouse kick the officer – saying he could take the officer’s head off.

Then Wednesday, while free on bail, Perrault is accused of returning to the same bus stop in front of Cranston Street’s D’Evan Manor and began yelling at the same woman he was accused of assaulting the day before.

According to prosecutors, Perrault told police he confronted the woman because she lied about the assault and said it was unfair.

Police said there were eyewitnesses to the Tuesday incident.

The list of charges now include two counts of disorderly conduct, intimidating a witness, assault upon a handicapped or impaired person, and resisting arrest.

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