New England Institute of Technology to host WordCamp

For those of us that are not technologically savvy, we may be wondering: what exactly is a WordCamp?

New England Institute of Technology is set to host one on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1. This is what will be offered there:

Both Friday and Saturday there will be the Happiness Bar (aka Help Desk) where you can sit down with a volunteer and work on the answers to your WordPress questions. Laptops are welcome!

Friday is Workshop Day

Make sure you bring your laptop!

There will be both intermediate and advanced coding sessions going on all day Friday. In addition, there will be two beginner workshop tracks. Each track will take you from start to finish for your very own blog, website, or online portfolio.

One beginner workshop will be for those who want to focus on what they put on their website or blog or portfolio. They want to leave coding to someone else. By the way, these websites range in price from free to moderately priced.

The other beginner workshop is for those who like a little more control over how their website will operate. These websites range from very low to moderately priced.

Information about the price is provided on the website so that you’ll know what your options are. WordCamp RI will not be collecting any money, nor does it receive any compensation for any website services you might decide to purchase.

Saturday is Seminar Day

Saturday you’ll have the chance to attend a variety of 45-minute seminars throughout the day. The topics will range from developer coding to creating content to best business practices.

We spoke with NEIT’s Ajay Coletta, Assistant Professor-Graphics, Multimedia and Web Design and Tim Henry-Associate Professor and Program Chair of Information Technology to find out more about this event.

Click here to learn more about WordCamp and call New England Tech to register for classes that are starting in October at (401) 467-7744.