Hassenfeld testifying in trial for Dan Doyle

SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (WPRI) — A prominent supporter of the Institute for International Sport took the stand in a trial for Dan Doyle Thursday.

Doyle, the founder of the Institute for International Sport faces charges including embezzlement and forgery linked to the alleged misuse of more than $1 million meant for the non-profit.

The day’s testimony was from Alan Hassenfeld, former chairman and CEO of Hasbro, as well as a longtime supporter.

Documents from prosecutors show that Hassenfeld contributed hundreds of thousand of dollars to Dan Doyle and the International Institute of Sport.

Assistant Attorney General Mark Trovato laid out letters and receipts to show that Hassenfeld has given the Institute roughly half a million dollars in Hasbro stock from 2007 to 2010 to support the construction of a sports leadership center.

The building was never completed.

Trovato also showed Hassenfeld three different documents that were purportedly prepared and signed by the former Hasbro CEO. One was a state document, another was a letter to the former House Speaker William Murphy, and the third concerned the purchase of land in North Carolina.

Hassenfeld testified he hadn’t seen the documents before, and that he didn’t write or sign them.

Documents presented in court also showed Hassenfeld wrote a check for nearly half million dollars to pay off loans the Institute failed to pay. As years went by, he grew concerned about the money going into and out of the Institute.

There was approximately 20 minutes of cross examination at the end of the session. Hassenfeld is expected to continue testifying on Friday.