Hotel incident no longer narcotics investigation

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — It’s not clear what happened, but whatever was going on in a room at the Providence Hilton Garden Inn near India Point Park on Tuesday is no longer believed to have been drug-making.

Providence Police Maj. David Lapatin told the Providence Journal, and confirmed to Eyewitness News Thursday afternoon, that investigators have ruled out narcotics. They’re now focusing on a different, “unusual” direction, as the Journal put it.

The FBI and the Secret Service are now working with the police department. Little more could be revealed because the investigation is ongoing.

About 4 p.m. Tuesday, hotel management had called 911. When police got to room 323, they’d thought they’d seen smoke coming from the room.

In fact, while there was toxic air in the room, which prompted the hotel to be evacuated, the smoke was chemical-based steam.

Money packed in tin foil was also found next to the bed, and several plastic bags on the bureau and in the closet.

Firefighters ended up going in from the window, breaking it to ventilate the room. Nobody was reported hurt.

Police are still looking for the four men who were believed to be in the room.