Connecticut home of Nathan Carman’s mother searched

Nathan and Linda Carman

MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (WPRI) — Investigators on Thursday searched the Connecticut home of a woman who’s been lost at sea for nearly two weeks.

Officials had a search warrant for Linda Carman’s Middletown residence, but it’s not clear what they were looking for. Police were seen removing boxes, envelopes, and bags from the home.

Linda’s son, Nathan, was found floating on a life raft by freighters more than a week after the pair’s boat, the Chicken Pox, was reported missing. 

Nathan was returned to shore on Tuesday while his mother is presumed dead.

The U.S. Coast Guard released recordings of phone calls between Nathan Carman and officers shortly after he was rescued by the freighter. During one of those exchanges, he asked investigators, “When I saw the life raft, I did not see my Mom. Have you found her?”

Nathan and Linda Carman
Nathan and Linda Carman

“She was, and I won’t use the term obsessed, but very concerned with the health of her son,” said Gerald Klein, Linda Carman’s attorney, on her behalf.

On Friday, Klein revealed Linda Carman was charged in 2011 with third-degree assault on an elderly person after an incident with her father, John Chakalos.

According to Wein, the police report states that officers responded to the hospital, where they met Carman and her father.

The two reportedly got into an argument while visiting Nathan. In the report, Chakalos said he would no longer support his daughter and the only reason he gave them money was because of Nathan.

Chakalos accused his daughter of hitting him in the head multiple times with closed fists and kicking him, according to Klein.

Klein also noted that Linda Carman said in the report that her father was worth $300 million and she wanted her share.

Chakalos was found shot and killed at his home two years later in 2013. Klein said Linda was interviewed by police three times about her father’s death and was even subjected to a lie detector test, which she told Klein she passed.

Court documents indicate Nathan also came under suspicion in the killing as he had a history of violence as a child and he was the last known person to have seen Chakalos alive.

No one was ever charged in the murder.

Nathan Carman also hasn’t been charged in connection with his mother’s disappearance but investigators are looking into the possibility of reckless endangerment.

Court documents reveal that Nathan knew the boat needed repairs.

Before leaving for the fishing trip, one witness recalled not seeing any fishing gear, and another said they saw Nathan drilling holes in the ship.

According to Klein, Linda “was adamant that he couldn’t have done it…because he was with her and they were fishing at Port Judith.”