Senator Reed pushes for increased rail safety across the country

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed is looking to take action and change rail safety across the nation.

This motion comes a week after a deadly train crash in New Jersey.

“There’s been some technical issues, financial issues, but right now we have laid down a much firmer line: that by the end of 2018, positive training control should be in place on all commuter rails and all major railroad systems in the country,” said Reed at the Providence Station Tuesday morning.

According to Reed, the ocean state has had positive train control in place since 2000.

Positive train control “monitors the train automatically and has certain parameters so if the train is going excessively fast as it approaches a curb, it can actually intervene and override the controls,” said Reed.

The system is believed to prevent derailments, collisions, and other accidents.

Last year, Reed supported the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act, better known as the FAST Act, which authorized $199 million in the fiscal year of 2017 for safety technology to be implemented in commuter rail’s like the Massachusetts Bay transportation authority.

Reed told Eyewitness News he will continue to meet with transportation officials and emphasize enhanced safety measures, increased track inspections for our national rail system and the adoption of the positive train control.