Warwick residents warned of thefts from garages, sheds

WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — Police in Warwick are warning residents to secure their belongings as they investigate an ongoing string of thefts.

City police said they’ve had 79 cases of larceny since June 1, primarily from unattached buildings in residential neighborhoods such as garages and sheds.

As a result, they’re reminding people to keep those types of structures locked, in addition to keeping an outdoor light on near those areas.

Most of the stolen items have been lawn tools and motorized equipment, according to police.

In Rhode Island, forced entry into an unattached building is not considered felony breaking and entering. The violation is a misdemeanor larceny, unless the items stolen are valued over $1,500.

The uptick in crime also has police reminding residents to watch out for other neighbors and to call police if you see something suspicious.