Coventry student to face charges after reported Snapchat threat

UPDATE: Student charged in Coventry threat case

COVENTRY, R.I. (WPRI) — Police are investigating after a Coventry High School student reported being threatened by another student via social media.

According to police, the suspect was shown in a Snapchat video loading what appeared to be a handgun with the caption “don’t come to school tomorrow.”

This was the second time in five months that student social media threats involving a weapon were investigated in Coventry.

Last June, Coventry police and the school administration investigated a case involving a pellet gun that was brought to the middle school in a student’s backpack after racial slurs and threats were made on social media.

In this latest incident, detectives and school officials worked together to figure out which student made the video. Police then went to the student’s home, where he admitted to making the video and showed police the weapon, which turned out to be an airsoft gun that shoots plastic pellets.

The student cooperated with detectives and handed over the airsoft gun, according to police. The boy won’t be allowed in school on Thursday and will face charges in family court.

Police do not believe there’s a threat to the school, but said there will be an increased presence there on Thursday out of an abundance of caution.

The incident follows a similar situation at Cranston High School West last week in which several students were arrested, accused of bringing guns onto school property. They were also charged in family court.