AG warns of Hurricane Matthew donation scams

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Rhode Islanders won’t be put under a Hurricane warning or feel the heavy winds and rain from Hurricane Matthew, but Attorney General Kilmartin has issued another type of warning.

In a news release, Kilmartin reminded citizens to be aware of any potential relief effort scams.

“In times of disaster, we often lead with our hearts, and not with our heads,” said Kilmartin. “If you want to donate to Hurricane Matthew relief efforts, it’s important to do your homework, know exactly to whom you are donating, and how the money will be used.”

Consider donating to well known, legitimate organizations like the The American Red Cross Haiti Assistance Programs, The Salvation Army, and UNICEF. 

Avoid crowdfunding sites unless they link directly to a legitimate organization, and don’t click on links soliciting donations that are emailed or texted to you.

The Better Business Bureau also has advise before giving a charitable donation. Ask the following three questions:

  • How will my donation be used?
  • When will my donation be used?
  • Is the charity registered or tax-exempt?

The Charity Navigator is a good place to check out charities. They already have a page dedicated to Hurricane Matthew.