Pawt. native, husband ride out Matthew in FL

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(WPRI) — For the second day Friday, at T.F. Green Airport in Warwick, most Florida departures or arrivals would not take to the air, as Hurricane Matthew still has the state in its grips. And as sunshine continues to wrap New England — locals in the hurricane zone saw and heard hearing nature’s brute force.

Deborah LaMountain, a Pawtucket native, retired to Melbourne with her husband six years ago. They had to ride Matthew out in a mobile home park where only a handful of people stayed.

Deborah LaMountain

Deborah told Eyewitness News over the phone Friday it was the first hurricane she’d experienced. “I was a nervous wreck. The rain, the palm trees were bending. Noises. You just heard noises of crashing, stuff flying. It was bad.

“We actually watched a grill fly by us. It was pretty scary… Thunder and lightning and torrential downpours.”

Throughout the night, banging noises persisted on their mobile home. While the home now has minimal damage, area fences are gone and sheds are destroyed.

LaMountain says they tried to find a place to flee to — but there was no room anywhere: “I wanted to go, my husband wanted to stay… So we were just out there looking for motels. We went as far as St. Cloud, Kissimmee, Orlando. Totally full. We couldn’t get anything.”

Other Rhode Islanders also have to get back to New England. One family told Eyewitness News their Saturday flight is already scrubbed.

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