Rhody Roundup: Smiling, Daniel Radcliffe and email etiquette

We’re chatting about some of the headlines that are making the rounds this week. Our panel: Comedians Andrew Williams and Jessimae Peluso and local filmmaker Tom DeNucci.


  • Ladies, do you tilt your head when you smile? According to the popular dating app Coffee Meets Bagel, tilting your head when you smile can make you more attractive to the opposite sex!
    • Friday October 7, 2016 is World Smile Day so Coffee Meets Bagel took a look at the profile photos of a sampling of several hundred singles who use its app and found that:
      • Women who tilt their head to the side when they smile on average get 25% more likes than those who don’t.
      • However, the opposite is true for men. Men who tilt their head when they smile on average receive 22% fewer likes than those who do not.
    • Coffee Meets Bagel then analyzed the smiles of the most popular singles (in other words, those who receive “likes” more than 50% of the time their profile is shown) and found that your type of smile can make a difference…
    • Show off those pearly whites!This is true for women, and especially men! The vast majority of popular men (79%) and women (58%) have a big toothy smile in their primary profile photo.
    • Ladies can pull off a closed mouth grin. Men, not so much.
      • 24% of the most “liked” women have a closed mouth grin compared to only 5% of the most “liked” guys.
    • VISUALS:
      1. Photos — examples of profile photos showing each type of smile can be found at the below link. You are welcome to use these images. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7xrkvg97najhcg6/AAB3NHckJtHBCa4aDb8JGkj9a?dl=0
      2. Infographic — we have attached a smile-inducing infographic you’re welcome to use.
    • Happy World Smile Day!
  • Danielle Radcliffe hasn’t spent any of his “Harry Potter” money: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/why-daniel-radcliffe-hasnt-spent-his-harry-potter-money-2016-10-06
  • How do you feel about email etiquette?