22 local Halloween displays to see this October

Photo courtesy Giroux Family Christmas.

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – When it comes to Halloween decorations, these Southern New Englanders can’t get enough. We’ve tracked down the best local Halloween displays across the region for boys and ghouls of all ages.


1. The MacDonalds’ Halloween Display, 54 Ellery Road, Newport, RI

Photo courtesy Kevin MacDonald.

The MacDonalds’ holiday displays have been a Newport tradition for nearly 30 years. Drive by this Ellery Street home in December, and you’ll find it bedecked with Christmas cheer. But in October, the MacDonalds’ front lawn crawls with ghosts and ghouls. Although the display can be viewed all day, it comes to life with lights after dusk. Each year there’s a new theme, and this year, it’s Star Wars. There’s also a traditional pumpkin patch and a graveyard featuring spotlit skeletons and glowing ghosts.

2. Giroux Family Halloween Display, 69 Outlook Avenue, East Providence, RI

Photo courtesy Giroux Family Christmas.
Photo courtesy Giroux Family Christmas.

The Giroux Family’s East Providence home glows purple, green and orange all October long. The display features large inflatables, “dancing” jack-o’-lanterns and lights that blink in time to Halloween music. This kid-friendly display runs each night from dusk until 8 p.m., but it’s on Halloween night that the true magic happens. The Giroux family, along with their neighbors, throw a huge block party for trick-or-treaters. They hire a DJ and keep the lights on from 4:30 p.m. until the candy runs out (which typically happens around 9 p.m.). Visit their Facebook page here.

3. Janna Espada’s Yard Haunt, 40 Oak Avenue, Riverside, RI

Photo courtesy Janna Espada.
Photo courtesy Janna Espada.

Janna Espada’s yard haunt is out of this world, quite literally. The theme for this year’s haunt is “Alien Apocalypse” and features a “crashed” helicopter and an “alien dissection” table. The display is visible all day but the lights come on at dusk. This is Espada’s seventh Halloween yard haunt, and she creates many of her pieces by hand. This year’s display runs from Oct. 15-31.


4. Porreca Family Pumpkin Display, 787 Pontiac Avenue, Cranston, RI

Photo courtesy Joseph Porreca.
Photo courtesy Joseph Porreca.

For the Porreca family, Halloween is a family affair. For the past eight years, Joseph Porreca has been carving pumpkins for his display with the help of his wife, his brother and his sister-in-law. Last year they carved 85 pumpkins and this year they hope to hit 100. The Porrecas’ display is lit on Halloween night, from dusk until about 8 or 9 p.m. After 9, they give away the glowing gourds for free! In addition to the pumpkins, the Porrecas give out giant candy bars to the first 500 trick-or-treaters. It’s first come, first served, and each year they run out!

5. North Street Haunting Grounds, 8 North Street, Warwick, RI

Photo courtesy Peter Souza.
Photo courtesy Peter Souza.

Pete Souza has been transforming his Warwick home into a haunting ground since 2010, using mostly homemade props. This year, his otherworldly display features flying ghosts, a wicked witch, a Halloween bride and a haunted cemetery. The display comes alive each night at dusk, and runs until 8 p.m. weeknights and 9:30 p.m. on the weekends. Check out a video of the display in action here. 

6. Bates’ Haunted Yard, 258 Pettaconsett Avenue, Warwick, RI

Photo courtesy David Bates.

This Warwick display is sure to send a shiver up your spine! This is David Bates’ first year decorating, but you wouldn’t know it by the extent of his display. This creepy yard haunt includes more than a few sinister-looking characters, eerie lights, spooky sounds and a possessed-looking girl rocking back and forth on a swing. The display runs nightly from dusk until 9 p.m., but Bates plans to extend the hours to 10 p.m. closer to Halloween.

7. Lewis Halloween Light Show, 12 Shenandoah Road, Warwick, RI

Photo courtesy Everett Lewis.
Photo courtesy Everett Lewis.

You can tell when the holidays have arrived by the glow coming from the Lewis’s Warwick home. The family has been doing a Halloween light show for about 20 years, and they added music back in 2010. Visitors can watch the lights dance to 10 Halloween tunes broadcast on 106.9 FM. The display includes tombstones, pumpkins, flashing lights and even a lightning storm. Watch the show Sunday through Thursday from 6:30 to 9 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 6:30 to 10 p.m. Visit their website here. 

8. Sadlier’s Spooky Spectacle, 63 Pettigrew Avenue, Warwick, RI

Photo courtesy Ryan Sadlier.

Bob Sadlier’s Halloween display has been drawing visitors from far and wide for 17 years. Although elements of this particular display can be seen in the days leading up to Halloween, the true magic happens on October 31. That’s when the characters on his Pettigrew Avenue lawn come to life, scaring and delighting trick-or-treaters.

9. Daniels’ Halloween House of Warwick, 69 Darrow Drive, Warwick, RI

Photo from Daniels' Halloween House of Warwick on Facebook.
Photo from Daniels’ Halloween House of Warwick on Facebook.

According to his Facebook page, Mike Daniels’ Warwick home has “plenty of fear and lots of haunted cheer.” This year’s display at his Darrow Drive home includes lights that “dance” to 14 songs, and visitors can listen to the haunted harmonies by tuning their car radios to 89.7 FM. The Daniels also collect donations for Hasbro Children’s Hospital! The frightful and fanciful display runs Thursday through Sunday from 6:30 to 10 p.m. Visit their Facebook page here.


10. Señor Turgle’s Halloween Spectacular, 344 Lydia Avenue, Woonsocket, RI

Photo courtesy Wendy Sferrazza.
Photo courtesy Wendy Sferrazza.

This is the third year Anthony Sferrazza has put his computer and technical skills to work creating a visually stunning display at his Lydia Avenue home. Señor Turgle’s Halloween Spectacular — a nod to Sferrazza’s son’s nickname — features animated jack-o’-lanterns, ghosts, spiders and assorted other terrifying ghouls that put on a show to spooky tunes like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” The show runs Thursdays and Sundays from 7 to 9 p.m. and Saturday from 7 to 10 p.m. Visitors can listen to the music on their car radios by tuning to 89.1 FM.

11. Kingston Family Butcher Shoppe, 12 Curran Road, Cumberland, RI 

Photo courtesy Kingston family.
Photo courtesy Kingston family.

The Kingston family has been constructing scary scenes in their front yard for five years. This year’s theme, “Butcher Shoppe,” also includes a graveyard of zombies. Most of the decorations are handmade and the display gets bigger and better each year. Although the display is visible all day, it gets even creepier at night thanks to strobe lights, fog and spooky sounds.

12. Dixie West’s Spooktacular, 179 Pullen Avenue, Pawtucket, RI

Photo courtesy Dixie West.
Photo courtesy Dixie West.

For Dixie West and her family, Halloween is the most wonderful time of the year. West’s display has grown each year and includes lots of lights, spiderwebs and creepy characters. West and her fiancée love horror movies and Halloween so much, they’re getting married next year on Oct. 13 – which is, of course, a Friday!

13. Birris’ Spooky Skeleton Wedding, 10 Emelia Street, Johnston, RI

Photo courtesy Birri family.
Photo courtesy Birri family.

The Birri family says Halloween is their favorite holiday, so it’s no wonder they decorate their Johnston home to the hilt each year. This year’s display features a skeleton wedding, complete with a photographer and a toast to the newlyweds! There are also some other mischievous skeletons and a witch who has fallen into her own bubbling cauldron!

14. Costa Family Haunted Yard, 52 North Olney Street, Johnston, RI

Photo courtesy Anthony Makavelli.

For a decade, the Costa family has been faithfully decorating their Johnston home, adding more tricks and treats each year. This year’s display includes inflatable characters, animatronics, fog, lights and spooky sounds. But on Halloween night, it truly comes alive with the addition of live actors to scare the brave souls who dare to visit! Those courageous enough to ring the bell on Halloween will be rewarded handsomely with plenty of sweets!

15. Jimmis Family Halloween Display, 1922 Putnam Pike, Chepachet, RI

Photo courtesy Laurie Jimmis.
Photo courtesy Laurie Jimmis.

Husband-and-wife-team Jack and Laurie Jimmis have been decorating their front yard for 11 years, hand-crafting many of the spooky sights and spectacles that delight visitors young and old. This year their display features a headless horseman with a life-size horse skeleton, scary clowns, and other ghastly ghouls. The display is visible during the day, but it’s when the sun set and the lights come on that the true tricks and treats begin. While you’re here, drive down to 1246 Putnam Pike and visit the nearby Saran family display, too!

16. The Saran Haunted House, 1246 Putnam Pike, Chepachet, RI

Photo courtesy Linda Saran.

The Sarans love Halloween so much, they got married in their Halloween display several years ago. The Saran display is just down the road from the Jimmis family display at 1922 Putnam Pike in Chepachet, making it an extra spooky stretch. It features a graveyard, pumpkin patch and loads of glowing lights, and the Sarans say it’s family friendly. The lights come on nightly at dusk.

17. The Magical Land of Oz, 14 Red Wing Trail, Smithfield, RI

Photo courtesy Stephen Keene.

Head to 14 Red Wing Trail and you’ll find yourself saying, “Toto, we’re not in Smithfield anymore!” Every year since 1997, Dave Keene has been transforming his front yard into “Oz,” complete with characters from the beloved L. Frank Baum story. Keene makes all of the elements by hand with help from his friend Mark Smith. The display runs nightly from dusk until 9 p.m. and is perfect for munchkins! On Halloween, Keene adds music and a fog machine.


18. Auburn Halloween Display, 12 Reithel Street, Auburn, MA

Photo courtesy Auburn Holiday Displays.
Photo courtesy Auburn Holiday Displays.

This Auburn house gets decked for Christmas, but things get a lot creepier during the month of October. The display is open seven nights a week (weather permitting) and features a kid-friendly pumpkin patch. Come Friday and Saturday, the scare factor gets cranked up a notch with live actors providing a true thrill for teens and adults. Admission to the haunt walk is free with the donation of a non-perishable item for the local food pantry. This year’s display is sponsored by Escape Games Worcester and runs Sunday-Thursday from dusk until 9 p.m., and Friday and Saturday until 10 p.m. Visit their Facebook page here.

19. Sachs Family Lights Extravaganza, 21 Mann Street, Bellingham, MA

Photo courtesy Sachs Family Light Extravaganza.
Photo courtesy Sachs Family Light Extravaganza.

When it comes to holiday decorating, the Sachs family doesn’t mess around. Their Halloween and Christmas displays feature lights that blink and twinkle to music you can listen to from the comfort of your own car. This year’s display features 42 individually controlled elements synched with eight different Halloween songs. The family-friendly show runs Sunday through Thursday from 6 to 10 p.m., and Friday and Saturday from 6 to 11 p.m. Visitors can listen to the spooky tunes on 101.7 FM. Visit their Facebook page here. 

20. Chevy’s Ice Cream Parlor, 191 Pulaski Boulevard, Bellingham, MA

Photo courtesy Chevy's Ice Cream Parlor.
Photo courtesy Chevy’s Ice Cream Parlor.

Right over the Woonsocket line in Bellingham, Mass., is a family-friendly, spooky display that attracts visitors from far and wide. The owners of Chevy’s Ice Cream Parlor go all out for Halloween with inflatables, animatronics, fog and lights. It’s their fourth year decorating, and each year the display gets bigger. Those at Chevy’s say the Halloween display is a welcome reason to extend the ice cream season, and on Halloween, they give out free ice cream to anyone who comes in costume. On Nov. 1, whatever ice cream is left over is donated to a local food pantry.

21. Gianninis’ Halloween Spooktacular, 4 Rand Avenue, South Attleboro, MA

Photo courtesy Jason Grant.

The Gianninis’ South Attleboro home transforms into a haunted house come the start of October. The tradition began back in 2010, and this year’s display features moaning ghosts, strobes, inflatables, animatronics, scary clowns, eerie lights, and other spooky sights! The display lights up each night at dusk and stays lit until 10 p.m. through Nov. 2.

22. Edwards Hollow, 25 Edwards Avenue, North Seekonk, MA

Photo courtesy Lydia Rossi.
Photo courtesy Lydia Rossi.

Lydia Rossi has been decorating her North Seekonk home for the past six years and each year the display gets a little bit bigger. Rossi said she starts decorating at the beginning of October and adds something to her display every few days to give the neighbors something to look forward to. This year she’s turned her front lawn into a cemetery. Rossi creates about 80 percent of her display by hand. Although the display is visible during the day, when the sun sets, the lights come on and glow until 10 p.m.