IRS impersonation scheme warning

This photo taken April 13, 2014 shows the headquarters of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in Washington at daybreak. Tuesday, April 15, is the federal tax filing deadline for most Americans. (AP Photo/J. David Ake)

PROVIDENCE, RI (WPRI) – United States Attorney Peter F. Neronha and Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration J. Russell George are warning Rhode Island taxpayers to be vigilant about IRS impersonation schemes.

The warning comes despite reports from Mumbia, India, that numerous people were recently arrested at a call center where aggressive IRS impersonation scam telephone calls were allegedly originating from.

Authorities say the arrests don’t eliminate the possibility that others may still continue perpetrating the scheme.

If you receive a call from someone saying they are from the IRS demanding money or personal information, simply hang up the telephone.

Since October 2013, The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration has received reports of over 1.8 million impersonation related calls with nearly 9,400 victims reporting losses of nearly $50 million.