Deputy who stopped the violent attack at the Silver City Galleria shares his story

TAUNTON, MA (WPRI) –     Five month’s after a deadly rampage at the Silver City Galleria in Taunton, the off-duty Plymouth County Sheriff’s Deputy who stopped the violent spree is sharing his story.

Back in May, 26-year-old Arthur Darosa crashed his car into the Macy’s at the mall and attacked people inside.

Darosa burst into the Bertucci’s, grabbed a steak knife and started attacking the waitress.

George and Rosemary Heath were at the bar and George stepped in to try and stop Darosa.

Deputy Jim Creed, who was having dinner with his wife at the restaurant that night, says it took him a minute to process the situation.

At first, he thought Heath and Darosa knew each other and were horsing around.

When Heath was stabbed in the head, Deputy Creed stepped up and pulled his gun.

He says he kept his firearm trained on Darosa and gave him multiple chances to drop his knife.

When Darosa got too close to him, Deputy Creed says that’s when he had to fire at Darosa, killing him.

George Heath’s widow calls Creed a hero, but the deputy says it is Heath who is the real hero.

Creed says if George Heath hadn’t intervened, he may not have had time to gather himself and stop Arthur Darosa.