Portsmouth car crashes on the same road cause concern

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. (WPRI) — Cases of hydroplaning on Route 24 in Portsmouth are raising safety concerns.

Melody O’Brien was able to walk away from a crash in that area but it totaled her car. She believes that she is not at fault, but the DOT isn’t taking responsibility either.

“Everything was a blur, visually, except when you started seeing car parts flying off the car and whipping around,” said O’Brien as she recalled the rainy Sunday when the crash happened.

O’Brien and her passenger were headed to Newport on Route 24 South when O’Brien hydroplaned, lost control of her car, hit a lamppost and ended up wedged between a bush and a fence.

The responding officer told O’Brien that she wasn’t the first to crash right in the area near the Boyd’s Lane Exit.

A week before O’Brien’s crash, a pregnant woman lost control and hit the post.

On Thursday, the DOT stated that they were not informed of the first crash. A spokesperson stated that the DOT was only called after another crash occurred on the same day as O’Brien’s.

Crews cleaned out the leaves that were clogged the drain and created a pool on the road.

While O’Brien said that a lawyer told her the DOT is not at fault, she feels she isn’t either.

“It’s just really disheartening that we pay taxes to have our roads maintained for the safety of the people driving and it if this was something that was ignored or overlooked they should be considered negligent and held liable for it because thank God no one in the three accidents were killed,” said O’Brien.