Prominent businessman reacts to Schilling’s radio interview claims

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — As Curt Schilling appears at a campaign event with Donald Trump in New Hampshire, a member of Rhode Island’s Economic Development Commission is weighing in on claims Schilling made in a radio interview.

Karl Wadensten, the EDC member who cast the lone “No” vote on the the $75 million taxpayer-backed loan for Schilling’s video gaming company, took notes during Tuesday’s radio interview with Curt Schilling. He told Eyewitness News he hopes Rhode Island residents can move on from the 38 Studios debacle with a more educated outlook.

Wadensten said he’s particularly frustrated Schilling said he never expected the company to fail, while at the same time lamenting the fact his company only received $49 million of the $75 million.

“One thing that I’ve learned in business is that it takes twice as long and three times as much money,” Wadensten said.

During his interview with talk show host John DePetro, Schilling applauded dissenters like Wadensten and former State Representative Bob Watson, who voted against the law authorizing the deal.

Wadensten thinks it’s telling Schilling admitted he wouldn’t have done the deal if he had been in then -Governor Carcieri’s shoes.

“If he was the governor I wouldn’t do this, how many more things do we need to know in this state?” Wadensten added.

Wadensten said it’s time Rhode Islanders moved on from the depths of their 38 Studios despair.

“It’s an opportunity to learn it’s an opportunity to explore it’s an opportunity to talk with your people.”

Despite being the only EDC member to vote against the proposal, Wadensten said he wishes he had been wrong about 38 Studios, and that the company had thrived.