Trucking organization continues to oppose toll plan

WEST GREENWICH, R.I. (WPRI) — Despite the federal government giving Rhode Island the green light to move ahead with its truck tolls, opponents of the plan still aren’t happy about it and have once again rallied for a red light on the project.

Rhode Works was passed into law by the General Assembly. The plan is toll trucks and take that revenue to partially repair the state’s crumbling roads and bridges. It passed the House and Senate and the governor signed it into law before it was approved just weeks ago.

However, The Rhode Island Trucking Association continues to oppose it and wants to support the few members of the General Assembly that did not vote for tolling trucks and oppose the ones who did.

“In our legal battle that inevitably will happen, we need to first take care of business, by making certain the brave souls that voted against Rhode Works, many of whom are here today, are re-elected and the regime that ushered in this plan is removed. We like to say we need pelts on the fence of the General Assembly to send a message that we no longer will tolerate this sort of governance,” said Christopher Maxwell, President of the Rhode Island Trucking Association.

The trucking industry has long warned that the plan won’t work because they believe trucks will avoid driving through Rhode Island instead of paying those tolls.

Governor Gina Raimondo’s administration disagrees.