Coventry police reunite wandering donkey with owner

(Coventry Police Department photo)

COVENTRY, R.I. (WPRI) – Coventry police located an escapee Thursday night – but it wasn’t a human.

An officer headed to the area of 3445 Flat River Road at about midnight for a report of a loose donkey wandering along the road. The two people who had called police said they had been driving home when they encountered the animal.

The donkey was apparently in good health, according to police, but there was nothing on it to indicate where it belonged.

The callers told the officer that they keep horses on their property and agreed to hold the donkey overnight; the officer followed behind as they walked it to their Hammet Road home.

On Friday the police department’s Animal Control Officer was able to reunite the donkey with its owner.

There’s no word on where exactly the donkey calls home, or how it managed to get loose.

“Policing western Coventry makes for some interesting nights,” police wrote on their Facebook page.