RIDOT: I-95 Viaduct lane change went well second time around

RIDOT workers making changes to the signs over I-95 at the Route 146 merge on Sunday night, October 23, 2016

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Drivers were forced to adjust to a new traffic pattern on Interstate 95 South by Exit 21 for the Monday commute.

On Sunday, RIDOT moved one of the three I-95 South lanes from the old bridge to the newly built Providence Viaduct bridge near the Providence Place Mall.

“We’re very satisfied with the changes that we made and with the response we’ve gotten from the motorists,” said RIDOT Director Peter Alviti. “They’re responding very favorably toward the changes.”

This is the second attempt to transfer the right lane. The switch occurred earlier last week without proper warning or signage, causing confusion amongst drivers and backing up traffic for miles.

Alviti said, “we had only two or three accidents” Monday morning, a better number than last Tuesday’s eleven reported accidents.

Hours after that morning commute on Tuesday, Alviti came forward to apologize and promised to switch the lanes back to its original set up that night.

Construction was delayed again over the weekend, due to Friday’s weather, the rearranging took place on Sunday.

According to Alviti, this time “we made it clear in much simpler form that all the lanes stay on 95. The ones on the right and on the left of the barrier.”

The RIDOT stressed that their main message is for people to stay in their lane because they all continue on as I-95 South.