Easy pumpkin decorating ideas

It’s National Pumpkin Day and what better way to celebrate than to eat or decorate this popular gourd.

The Mod Mommy, Courtney Caligiuri, joined The Rhode Show Wednesday to share some easy pumpkin decorating ideas that do not require you to do any carving.

Pumpkin decor ideas featured in this segment:

Candy Corn Pumpkin

Supplies needed: Spray paint or acrylic paint and paintbrush.
Method: Like a candy corn, first paint the top section white, leave the middle as-is (orange) and paint the lower bottom portion yellow.

House Number Décor Pumpkin

Supplies needed: Number or letter stencil, paint, paintbrush.
Method: Print out your house number or last name’s first letter on the computer. Cut out the number or letter and use it as a stencil on your pumpkin. Trace around it lightly and then paint what you’ve stenciled. Decorate more if you’d like.

Easy kid-friendly glitter pumpkin

Supplies needed: School glue and glitter.
Method: Kids can make a simple design with the glue and then sprinkle the glitter on right after to create a fancy, sparkling effect.