Coventry man charged with animal cruelty

Photo: Coventry Police

COVENTRY, R.I. (WPRI) — A man previously charged in connection with a teenage girl that ran away from her home is now facing new charges of animal cruelty.

Coventry Police found a female German Shepherd dog inside the home of Dylan Harris, 24, when they went to serve him with an arrest warrant on September 27. In the earlier incident, Harris was charged with enticement of a child and obstructing an officer — after police say Harris encouraged a teenage girl to leave a Smithfield home on September 13 and get into his car, with the intention of leaving the state with him. Harris had told police he had not seen or spoken to the girl.

As to the dog, when police found the animal with Harris, she was extremely emaciated and the home was in deplorable conditions, full of animal feces, urine, and moldy food, officers said. He’s now charged with unnecessary cruelty to animals and mistreatment of animals.

Harris is being held at the Adult Correctional Institutions. He’s due back in court November 2 for a hearing, according to the Rhode Island Judiciary website.

The dog has been dubbed “Bella,” and is in the care of animal control officers, Coventry Police said in a Facebook posting Thursday. Her health has improved, and she has gained ten pounds, officers said.