Sheriff’s Deputy: ‘Weight off my shoulders’ about Taunton report

TAUNTON, Mass. (WPRI) – Lt. James Creed can finally move forward after an investigation found his shooting of Arthur DaRosa to be justified.

Creed, a Plymouth County Sheriff’s Deputy, was off duty when he shot and killed DaRosa on May 10.

DaRosa had gone on a violent rampage in Taunton that left two people dead and at least two others hurt.

Creed shot him after DaRosa killed George Heath, who was trying to protect a waitress at the Bertucci’s inside the Silver City Galleria.

“It is definitely a weight off my shoulders to hear the final report,” said Lt. Creed.

Creed returned to work in June as a K9 officer with the Sheriff’s Department.

“We were waiting quite some time, but we know things take time.  It was a pretty complicated incident, so we had to wait,” Lt. Creed added.

Before killing DaRosa, Creed displayed his badge, identified himself and told DaRosa to drop his knife. When DaRosa refused to comply, Creed used his personal firearm to shoot DaRosa in the abdomen, according to the DA’s office.