Hernandez’s jailhouse phone calls tapped

Aaron Hernandez listens during his murder trial at the Bristol County Superior Court in Fall River, Mass. on Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015.

BOSTON (WPRI) — From behind bars, phone calls made by Aaron Hernandez have been recorded and monitored by authorities. But, it turns out a data breach allowed someone else to listen in on calls he made from a jailhouse in Massachusetts during his first murder trial.

According to The Boston Herald, the unauthorized access into a telephone database occurred during the summer of 2014, shortly after Hernandez was transferred to The Suffolk County House of Correction.

While the Suffolk Sheriff’s office knew that the breach occurred, it did not tell prosecutors either in Suffolk or Bristol counties about it.

Hernandez was convicted of first-degree murder in Bristol County in April of 2015. He faces homicide charges in Suffolk County for a July 16, 2012, South End drive-by double murder. He is set to go on trial in Boston on February 13.

According to authorities, Hernandez’s phone calls were the only ones accessed during the breach. Although, it is not known where the access came from.

Neither of the phone calls have come up during Hernandez’s court cases.