Waitress stabbed in May rampage in Taunton gives birth

TAUNTON, Mass. (WPRI) — The waitress who was stabbed during a May rampage in Taunton has given birth to a healthy baby girl.

Sheenah Savoy was working at the Bertucci’s restaurant on the night Arthur DaRosa burst in and attacked her during a spree that left DaRosa and two other people dead.

Pregnant at the time, Savoy was stabbed multiple times but survived her injuries and gave birth Thursday, according to a post on her Facebook page.

“It’s fantastic news,” said Rosemary Heath. “I couldn’t be happier for her.”

Heath was eating dinner at the restaurant with her husband, George, the night of the attack.

“We heard Sheenah scream,” she recalled. “We didn’t know if she was burned or what happened. So when we looked left, we had seen a man standing next to her. Then we saw him stab her. And I locked eyes with her and she was just screaming help me help me. ”

It was then George sprang into action and sacrificed himself to save others.

“George had pushed Sheena to the ground, completely away from him, and then grabbed the assailant and turned him away from us,” said Heath. “And then took a step back and went back in to lock him around the elbows so he couldn’t lift the knife up again. And the assailant had broken his arm free and stabbed George.”

George later died from his wounds. The carnage ended when off-duty Sheriff’s Deputy James Creed shot and killed DaRosa.

Rosemary said she’s trying to think about the positives instead of her husband’s death.

“George would not have hesitated in any other circumstances to help someone,” she said. “And it’s unfortunate that we lost him, but it’s fantastic that this baby’s healthy.”

Heath hopes to visit the baby soon and said she has a special present for her.

The announcement came just one day after an investigation by the Bristol County District Attorney’s office concluded that Creed was justified in using deadly force against DaRosa.

At a news conference Thursday morning addressing the DA’s report, Creed announced another tribute to the man he called the real hero of that night: his new K9 partner has been named “Heath.”

Prior to the attack in the restaurant, DaRosa had crashed his car on Myricks Street, stabbed two people, one of whom died from her injuries, then crashed his car into the Macy’s at the Silver City Galleria and attacked several mall shoppers. Investigators said he was suffering from mental health problems and was suicidal.