Bull, calf run loose from Westport site of farm animal abuse

(Madeleine Wright, WPRI-TV)

WESTPORT, M.A. (WPRI) — Westport Police said a bull and calf escaped from the farm on American Legion Highway where 1,400 animals were removed from squalid conditions this summer.

Police said they responded to a call at a home adjacent to the farm Saturday evening and discovered a 1,000-pound bull standing in the residents’ driveway. Officers could also hear a calf in the nearby woods.

“The bull was aggressive at one point,” said Wesport Police Detective Jeff Majewski. “But both animals did go back into the woods towards that farm.”

Majewski said they contacted three people renting land on the farm on Saturday, but all of them denied the animals were theirs. But police said when they spoke with the farm’s owner, Richard Medeiros, he told them the animals did belong to one of his tenants.

That man, whose name has not been released by police, admitted to officers on Sunday afternoon that he did own the bull and calf and had transported them early Sunday morning to an auction in Pennsylvania.

“He could very well face criminal charges for misleading the police,” said Majewski.

Majewski believes Medeiros is encouraging tenants to bring animals back to the property, but Majewski urged tenants not to do that. He believes little has been done to clean up the squalid conditions, including a rat infestation and what he describes as feces up to a foot deep in some areas.

The Wesport Board of Selectmen is scheduled to discuss the farm in a meeting Monday night.