Local customer waits months for Sam’s Club refund

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Sam’s Club members became eligible for refunds when local stores closed their doors but the Call 12 for Action team found out not everyone got paid.

Nancy Campbell called Sam’s Club several times and spent months waiting for her check.

“Before they closed, I called them, explained that I just paid for a membership in December and they said it wouldn’t be a problem,” said Campbell.

A spokesperson for Sam’s Club didn’t explain why there was a delay when Call 12 for Action called, but apologized for the inconvenience and made sure Campbell got her payment.

“One phone call to Susan did the trick!” Campbell said.

The former Warwick and Seekonk locations are both vacant.

A Seekonk town official said that there hasn’t been potential developments or any inquires for the space.

Similarly in Fall River, the mayor’s office state that Walmart owns the property and will construct a small building there but the warehouse building is empty.

The closest Sam’s Club is now in Worcester.