Cranston man found guilty of killing dog

Patalano has been found guilty of beating his neighbor's dog to death with a cane.

CRANSTON, R.I. (WPRI) — A Cranston man has been found guilty of beating his neighbor’s dog to death with a cane.

Nicola Patalano, 60, was convicted Thursday of malicious killing of an animal.

Prosecutors said Patalano struck the 10-pound Yorkshire Terrier named Missy several times on her head and body with his wooden cane back in November 2014.

The owner was walking Missy near her apartment complex on Western Hills Lane as Patalano was walking his medium-sized terrier nearby. When Missy saw the other dog, prosecutors said Missy jerked the leash from her owner’s hand and ran towards Patalano, but never made physical contact with him or his dog.

According to police, Patalano later admitted to striking the Yorkie and said, “I hit the dog to kill it.”

Patalano is now awaiting sentencing.