More UHIP problems explained in first weekly report to legislature

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Another error with the UHIP program was reported by the DHS in their first weekly report to the House Oversight Committee.

Officials are aware of at least two Medicaid cases that were “closed in error,” stated the documents.

Tammy Maisonet said that her daughter is one of those cases.

“What we’re supposed to do as parents is protect our children and make sure they have everything they need. I can’t give her what she needs without her medicine,” she said.

Within the documents, the state said, “we stumbled upon these cases so we expect there will be many more.”

According to officials, there have not been any reportings of a widespread system issue causing Medicaid recipients to be disenrolled from coverage. There were also preventative procedures installed within the system to stop inappropriate terminations.

Representative Patricia Serpa chairs the House Oversight Committee. She wants Governor Raimondo to intervene.

“Based on what I’m hearing privately from DHS workers, those numbers are inaccurate at best,” she said. “I don’t believe that number for one minute.”

Raimondo responded Wednesday. “We are intervening. We are managing it as tightly as we can. And we’re going to do that every single day,” the governor said.

Another issue admitted in the report was a glitch that allowed someone with an out of state address to register for benefits.

A spokesperson explained to Eyewitness News how this is possible “if the head of a household moves out of state and reports a change in address, the system does not currently have a prompt to review the eligibility (or the current address) of every individual in that household.”

Officials can not say yet what this is costing the system

In reference to the delayed SSI supplement payments, a DHS spokesperson also stated that the department is “working with Treasury to make manual corrections to customer accounts to ensure this issue does not surface again in December. We became aware of this issue when a small number of our financial institution partners raised it as an issue with us yesterday.”