Massachusetts Governor talks ballot questions, politics with RI

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (WPRI) — Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker was on the road Thursday campaigning for the approval of Question 2 on the state ballot.

Approving Question 2 will allow for the state to create up to 12 new charter schools in nine communities.

“This is about giving people on waiting lists in communities that are capped, which is nine, to go to the same kind of school that many of their neighbors go to,” said Baker.

Some communities have tried to tell Baker that they would consider downgrading ratings if charter schools were approved.

Baker stated that he thought the suggestion was odd, and can’t see why communities are concerned when the state carries most of the cost of education anyway.

Michelle Furtado, from Fairhaven, was protesting outside the building.

“Not every child will still get into a charter school so it isn’t going to be an alternative to everyone so we’ve got to fix the traditional school where all the kids go,” she said.

Governor Baker also weighed in on Question 4. “I don’t think it’s going to pass,” he said. “I think it’s going to lose because the vast majority of the people I talk to get the fact that it’s a 6,000-word ballot question that was written by the marijuana industry for the marijuana industry.”

His relationship with Raimondo is also important to him. “I think we have a strong working relationship around the region that are not partisan and on energy issues, fishing, a whole bunch of issues, the opioid epidemic. There’s a lot of common ground and shared work and experience.”

The Massachusetts Governor stated that while he admired Curt Schilling’s accomplishments in the sports world, he wasn’t ready to talk about his potential political career until after Election Day.