Prominent Catholic leader speaks at PC for centennial celebration

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The head of the second largest Catholic Archdiocese in America paid a special visit to Providence on Thursday night.

Only a few weeks ago, Cardinal Timothy Dolan had been sitting the two presidential candidates.

The Archbishop of New York spoke about improving Catholic and Jewish relations at Providence College as a part of the school’s centennial celebration.

‘I’ve been meaning to see him speak for a while, I’ve been following him since I can remember, he’s kind of like a role model,” said TJ Flanagan, who was at the event.

“Catholics aren’t always the loudest religion but we sure do make a difference and he’s definitely a leader to look up to,” the PC student said.

Cardinal Dolan’s message resonated with the hundreds that gathered to hear him speak.

“As one of the most predominately Catholic states in the union, having Cardinal Dolan here, who’s really the representative of the Catholic Church in America, is so imperative,” stated PC graduate Matthew Reay.

The crowd laughed throughout the night as the Archbishop cracked jokes, something he has been known to do.

After he had just sat with Clinton and Trump a few weeks ago, Cardinal Dolan said, “Pardon my congestion and cough. I’m afraid I’m coming down with a cold which is completely understandable give the fact that for the last two hours I’ve had a seat in between our two candidates in what’s probably the iciest place on the planet. Where is global warming when you need it?”