Burrillville Town Council signs agreements with Invenergy

A rendering of Invenergy's proposed power plant in Burrillville. (credit: Invenergy)

BURRILLVILLE, R.I. (WPRI) — After a long negotiation process, the Burrillville Town Council voted Thursday night to sign agreements with Invenergy Clean River LLC that would provide financial protection up to $200 million dollars if the power plant is constructed.

This package includes guaranteed tax payments, compensation for property abutters and a decommissioning plan.

The Town Council is against the power plant, which could be forced onto them by the Energy Facility Siting Board.

“These agreements are NOT an endorsement of the power plant. We are continuing to do everything we can to stop the plant from coming to Burrillville.” – Town Council President John Pachecho III

Part of the agreement requires Invenergy to pay the Town $1.2 million in upfront payments and fees to fund the battle to keep the plant out of the town. And the town intends to use that money to fight the power plant.

According to a release, the Town Council instructed the Town Manager and the Town’s attorneys not to accept a tax agreement without including strong protections for those property owners who are the nearest neighbors of the proposed plant.

President Pachecho has also requested the City of Woonsocket refuse to supply water for the proposed plant.