Rhode Islanders of both political parties to watch election results closely

(AP file)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — As local and national politicians wrap up their last pushes to send voters to polls, a waiting and watching game begins for supporters that have already done their part.

Locally, both the Democratic and Republican sides expressed confidence just one day before the election.

“This is a historic election and never before have the odds been so challenging and so important,” stated the RI Democratic Party’s Director of Communications Ann Gooding.

The director said she is cautiously optimistic and that “the Democratic party from the national level down has done everything it can.”

On the other side, RI GOP Chairman Brandon Bell said he think Donald Trump won’t go down easy.

Bell said, “if he loses by a lot, I can’t imagine he wouldn’t concede but I don’t expect him to lose by a lot so I think it’s going to be really close.”

Locally, Bell said he will focus specifically on the race between House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello and his Republican challenger Steven Frias in Cranston.

“The momentum in the last week has been tremendous,” stated Friar. “It’s been one good story for me and one bad story for Mattiello.”

Leaders on both sides stress the importance of getting out to the polls on Tuesday.

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