Jammed ballots prompt questions for Board of Elections

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — This was the first year that Rhode Islanders used new voting equipment to cast their ballots but there were some problems Tuesday.

The issues prompted many questions for the Board of Elections, not only about the long lines and the turnout but also about some ballots that were jammed into some of the brand new machines that the state invested millions of dollars in.

The head of the Board of Elections says there were 135 technicians out there ready to help and in his opinion, the election went off with only that small glitch.

“These ballots are in a secure slot. The moderator will take them out after the technician and they’ll feed them back into the machine. So everything is secure. There’s no ballot that’s not going to be counted. Everyone will be heard today.” – Richard Dubois, Board of Elections Chairman

Chairman Duwah also says any thoughts that the ballots were counted twice or not counted at all is “far fetched”.