Mass. voters reject Question 2, expansion of charter schools

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(AP) — Voters rejected Question 2, which asked them to allow the state board of education to approve up to 12 new or expanded charter schools each year. Supporters and opponents of the question poured close to $40 million into the campaign.

Republican Gov. Charlie Baker had said the question would help expand educational opportunities, especially to lower income areas and minority students.

“I am proud to have joined with thousands of parents, teachers and education reformers in a worthwhile campaign to provide more education choices for students stuck in struggling districts,” he said. “While Question 2 was not successful, the importance of that goal is unchanged.”

Critics, including Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and teacher’s union, said it would drain money away from traditional public schools.

“The people of Massachusetts have clearly and overwhelmingly rejected the expansion of a separate and unequal education system,” said Juan Cofield, chair of the Campaign to Save Our Public Schools.

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