‘Bleed for This’ premieres in RI Thursday

"Bleed for This" premiered in 2016.(Photo Coutesy: Open Road Films)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — “Bleed for This,” the long-in-the-works film about boxing legend Vinny Paz, held its Rhode Island premiere Thursday night at the Providence Place Mall.

Miles Teller, who plays Paz in the film, was at the premiere along with co-star Aaron Eckhart and other members of the cast, director Ben Younger and producer Chad Verdi.

“Little Vinny Paz from Cranston, Rhode Island is going to inspire in the world and it’s that kind of movie. It’s pretty cool,” said Vinny Paz on the red carpet.

Rhode Island spirit is something the film aimed to embody.

“To me, this is what Cranston and Providence is. This is a town of hard-working people that embody an American spirit that I respond to,” said Director and Writer Ben Younger.

Aaron Eckhart, who plays Paz’s trainer, Kevin Rooney said that community is to thank for this screen success. “Everyone had a Vinny story when they were walking on the street. They’re really in this movie.”

“Bleed for This” is scheduled to open in Rhode Island theaters November 18th.