Donations pour into ACLU following Trump’s election

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – The Rhode Island ACLU says it’s received more donations in the last few days than it typically gets in an entire month.

The union is also fielding more phone calls from residents who are concerned what will happen come January.

ACLU of RI Board Chair Karen Davidson says some callers feel threatened, based on some of the promises Donald Trump made in his campaign, like deportation.

When asked if it’s a little premature to start these fears, Davidson responded, “I don’t. I think given the severity and the intensity of many of his comments, it’s appropriate for lots of people to raise concerns and try to figure out what their next course of action is going to be.”

Right now, Davidson said the ACLU is not taking on any cases related to Trump’s presidency, but she expects that could change in just a few months.

“We will be stretched. So we’re so happy that people want to participate with donations and offers for help and lots of people are interested in becoming volunteers now which is wonderful.”

While the ACLU appreciates donations, Davidson said she doesn’t particularly like the reason why it’s come to the forefront.

According to the ACLU, the last time a lot of donations poured in at once was following September 11th.

In her decades of serving the ACLU, Davidson has never seen this happen as a result of a presidential election.