RI travel tourism company members volunteer at Ellis Island

From left: Robert Colucci (Executive Vice President & CFO), Courtney Iannuccilli (Vice President of Marketing), Jaclyn Leibl-Cote (Vice President of Product), Tracey Conlon (Vice President of Product Operations), Jim Falkner (Director of Financial Reporting), Paula Twidale (Executive Vice President), Dan Sullivan Jr. (President & CEO), Jeffrey Roy (Vice President of Revenue Management & Pricing). (Photo provided by Collette)

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WPRI) — As part of a campaign in appreciation for national parks, a team of volunteers from Pawtucket-based travel and tourism company Collette went to Ellis Island, New York on November 4 to assist in restoration and preservation.

Collette was working with nonprofit organization Tourism Cares in the preservation efforts. In all, 300 volunteers representing 80 different travel companies took part in the community service. Their tasks at Ellis Island and Liberty State Park included mulching around trees, creating sandbags, painting chain link fences and stacking roofing tiles.

The Ellis Island event was one of five volunteer events at national park sites organized by Tourism Cares. “As some of our most inspiring, admirable sites in the world, we feel a responsibility to do everything we can to preserve them,” said Dan Sullivan, Jr., the president and CEO of Collette and a Tourism Cares board member.