Contractor faces charges in court

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The Target 12 Investigators were in court Thursday, as Eric Boisse pleaded not guilty to one count of obtaining money under false pretenses.

According to North Providence Police, Boisse was hired to repair a roof and build a deck for a North Providence homeowner in September. Police said the alleged victim claims Boisse returned items to Lowes and kept the money instead of returning it to the homeowner, who had originally purchased the construction materials.

The judge released Boisse on personal recognizance.

At the arraignment, Boisse was also served with the final order on an unrelated case through the Rhode Island Contractors’ Registration and Licensing Board involving a Woonsocket homeowner.

Jessica Derochers hired Boisse in 2014 to update her bathroom. According to documents Target 12 obtained from the Contractors’ Board, Boisse “substantially violated the RI state building code” and performed work “without a valid certificate of registration.”
The Board ruled Boisse owes Derochers $2,750.

If Boisse doesn’t pay Derochers or file an appeal within thirty days, the case will be sent to District Court for criminal prosecution.

Boisse told Target 12 he didn’t do anything wrong in either case, but declined our request for an interview.