Investigators deem Taunton house fire suspicious

Rosie Woods | WPRI-TV

TAUNTON, Mass. (WPRI) — For the second time in only a matter of months, investigators are looking into a fire at a home in Taunton.

Flames broke out inside a detached garage at 8 Walnut Street early Wednesday morning. By the time crews extinguished the fire, only a metal frame remained.

There was another fire at that same address back in June. That fire damaged the front of the house and sent one person to the hospital.

An arson investigator was called to the scene of the June fire, as well as Wednesday morning’s scene.

While the cause of the fire remained under investigation, fire officials said it was suspicious.

“It’s surprising that there’s no power in the home and the home was reported to me as vacant, so I do not know what was going on there before, but the cause remains undetermined,” said Lt. Kevin Ferrar, Taunton Fire Department communications officer.

Neighbors told Eyewitness News the house has been vacant for a while.

“I’ve been here almost two years and it’s been vacant since I’ve been here. I mean, I don’t go back there every single day or at all period, but I haven’t seen bodies back there.,” said neighbor Demitri Charles. “There’s a lot of people that walk the train tracks in the back and there’s a lot of business walking back and forth from people here. So, I guess I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody did this.”

When asked if he felt safe, Charles said, “With this house going up in flames all the time? Not necessarily.”

No injuries were reported.