Possible medical marijuana dispensary in North Attleboro

Selectman in North Attleboro discuss the possibility of a medical marijuana dispensary in the town. 11/18/16

NORTH ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WPRI) – A medical marijuana dispensary may be coming to North Attleboro soon.

Hope, Heal, Health is the company behind the idea, and is now waiting for approval from the North Attleboro Board of Selectmen.

“Marijuana would be grown at an alternative location and brought to the town of North Attleboro to serve its patient population,” William Flanagan, attorney for Hope, Heal, Health, said.

“We created a host community agreement which puts lots of guidelines and restrictions on Hope, Heal, Health and what kind of products they can create, lots of restrictions,” stated Patrick Reynolds, Chairman of North Attleboro Board of Selectmen.

Under the agreement, the town would receive three percent of its annual profits plus taxes. According to Flanagan, attorney for Hope, Heal, Health, that could be more than a million dollars in year three of its existence.

Under HHH’s plan, a cultivation plant located in Fall River would grow the medical marijuana. The drug would then be sent to the dispensary in North Attleboro, where it would be sold. Flanagan estimates this dispensary will create seven to 10 jobs in the area.

A public hearing was supposed to be held on the issue during Thursday night’s board of selectmen meeting. Due to a lack of advertisement, the public hearing was postponed until December 15. But, that didn’t stop some residents from voicing their concerns to the board on Thursday.

“I think this is a really dumb thing. I think marijuana is a dumb thing,” said North Attleboro resident, Charles Deschenes. “I don’t care if the state voted for it or not. Why should we get into it?”

Though recreational marijuana will soon be legal in Massachusetts, the dispensary would only be allowed to sell medical marijuana unless the town approved of more.

“There’s going to be a tracking system for all the products within the facility. It’s going to be completely all in this one building,” Reynolds said.