Viral: Some of the best Mannequin Challenge videos on the web

(WPRI) — Chances are by now you’ve heard about the Mannequin Challenge that has been taking social media by storm – maybe you’ve even done your own video.

Well, you’re not alone. It seems everyone – from the New England Patriots to Sesame Street – have put their own spin on this latest craze.

The Mannequin Challenge started in late October. It features people freezing in dramatic positions while someone else records the scene. Almost all of the #MannequinChallenges are backed up by the song “Black Beatles” playing in the background.

Take a look at some of the best Mannequin Challenges we’ve found on the web.

In the event the embedded videos aren’t available, here are the links:

New England Patriots 

New York Giants

Sesame Street

Cleveland Cavs


Paul McCartney

Ellen DeGeneres

Richard Branson

Pacific Women’s Water Polo

Cardinals Cheerleaders

USA Women’s Soccer

Mannequin Dog

BYU Gymnastics