‘Drug buyer’ attacks, brawls with Fall River men

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) — After a complex violent incident narrative was untangled by Fall River Police, two men are recovering from being attacked at their apartment Tuesday afternoon; one man with a gunshot wound, a second with slash wounds. Police are obtaining an arrest warrant for a third man.

The victims were inside their apartment on Fifth Street when two men they didn’t know knocked at the door, asking to buy marijuana, Fall River Police Lt. Ronald Furtado said Wednesday. One of the men who came to the door pulled out a gun, and an all-out struggle ensued.

One of the victims, a 22-year-old male, managed to shut the apartment door, but the suspect with the gun forced his way in through the struggle. The 22-year-old male grabbed a machete to arm himself, but the suspect grabbed it away from him and slashed him with it several times.

The other victim, a 20-year-old male, grabbed a kitchen knife and was able to stab the suspect multiple times in self-defense. The suspect fired a shot, hitting the 20-year-old’s left bicep.

The victims were able to push the suspect out of the apartment and call for help.

Police found the 20-year-old male outside the apartment lying on the ground in front of an adjacent apartment with the gunshot wound. Inside, they found the 22-year-old male with slash wounds to his head, face, and hand.

Later, police determined a 28-year-old male went to St. Luke’s Hospital with several stab wounds; he was then transferred to Rhode Island Hospital. Police requested an arrest warrant for that man, believing him to be the suspect with a gun; they’re charging him with home invasion, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, mayhem, and firearm-related charges.

There was no word about the suspect who was unarmed and did not make it into the apartment before the door was closed.

Police said Wednesday morning that their investigation was ongoing.

During the initial investigation Tuesday night, police had not been able to confirm anything about what happened. Neighbors told Eyewitness News they considered the area a safe neighborhood.