2 Providence firefighters facing drugs and gun charges

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Two city firefighters are facing drugs and gun charges following a weeks-long narcotics investigation by Providence police.

Richard Jimenez, 25, and Joshua M. Brown, 24, were arrested Tuesday and charged with possession with intent to deliver marijuana as well as eight counts of conspiracy for each of the guns police found in their possession, according to Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare.

Pare said Brown was arrested when he reported for duty at the Reservoir Avenue fire station Tuesday afternoon. Jimenez was stopped by police while driving and then a search warrant was executed on their apartment at 380 Orms Street, Pare said. He said there was no evidence the two men were selling drugs while on the job.

In total, Pare said police recovered 4.5 pounds of marijuana and eight guns. He indicated all of guns were registered, but said he did not know if they were owned by Jimenez or Brown.

“Clearly it wasn’t for personal use,” Pare said. “It was for the sale.”

Jimenez and Brown were arraigned Wednesday morning. Pare said they will be suspended without pay today.

There is “no evidence that these two firefighters were either impaired on the job by use of any substance, and there’s clearly no evidence that there was any drug dealing,” said Pare.

Both men joined the fire department in 2013, city payroll records show.

When Eyewitness News asked if Pare thought if other firefighters could be involved, the Public Safety Commissioner responded, “the vast majority of men and women that serve in this fire department wouldn’t tolerate it, and would bring forward that kind of information.”

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